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Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is a type of funding for schools in England to improve education outcomes for disadvantaged pupils. It was introduced by the government after evidence showed that disadvantaged children generally face additional challenges in reaching their potential at school, and often do not perform as well as other pupils. Schools use the funding to provide additional support for these children.

Who is eligible?

Children may be eligible for a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to) circumstances such as the level of family income and types of benefits received or whether the child is in care. Children who receive Free School Meals (FSM) may also be eligible.

How do I apply?

Complete and return the funding registration form to school. Unless your circumstances change, you will only need to apply once during your child's time at school. Pupil Premium funding is paid directly to school.

How do you decide what additional resources are needed, and what do you provide?

At Werrington Primary School our main priority is for each and every child to reach their full potential. We ensure that this happens through regular monitoring, support and adaptation of our provision for all children. We think carefully about the whole child and ensure our provision caters for this, for example:

  • providing breakfast each day for any child that would like it
  • enabling each child to attend one free after school sports club each week
  • supporting families financially with the costs of day and residential trips to ensure no child misses out on these amazing experiences
  • employing staff to spend time talking to the children and parents, ensuring emotional support is available too (this is in addition to the staff working in-class to support academic progress)

For more information read The Pupil Premium Impact of Strategy Report at the bottom of the page.

Pupil Voice

We think it is vital to ask our Pupil Premium children what their needs are and what they think would help them to learn better. Their comments help us decide how to best use the funding to help them achieve their potential. The children often tell us that they learn better when they simply have additional adults to help them, as it makes them feel more confident.

Some examples of Pupil Voice are shared below.

Year 2

Year 2

'Mrs Bowles helps us to write. I do some letters and when I do it wrong she sounds it out for me.'

'She helps me do my times tables. When I don’t know it she helps me get it right.'

'I like reading to Mrs Bowles because we get to practice. When I’m older I want to be a teacher so I need to know all the words to read to the children so Mrs Bowles will help me to do this as she is teaching me the words.'

'Mrs Bowles helps me do maths, she makes it easier. It would be very tricky without her!'

Year 3

Year 3

'Mrs McCondach helps me when I am reading as sometimes I forget to stop at a full stop and she tells me to.'

'When I haven’t read at the weekend, she helps me read with her.'

'I like her hearing me read as when I get a word wrong she helps me with it.'

'Mrs McCondach has helped me with column subtraction as I got confused but now I can do it!'

Year 4

Year 4

'I have got better at my three times table now because of Mrs Anton.'

'She’s really helpful as if I am stuck on a word she tells us then next time we sound it out and we know what it is.'

'She helps me with ideas of what to write as sometimes I am really stuck – I really like her helping me.'

'I’d be sad if she didn’t help me.'

'Mrs Anton helps me with problems (in maths), I couldn’t do them so then I was happy I could.'

'I’ve got better at reading harder words with Mrs Anton, some words she says then I say and I get better at it.'

'Mrs Anton helps me spell words so everyone can read my writing.'

'She makes me feel I can do this!'

Year 5

Year 5

'Mrs Moore helps me checking words when I am reading and with the bus stop method in maths.'

'I love working with Mrs Moore as she helps me when I am stuck or make a mistake.'

'I’m better at math because of Mrs Moore.'

'She helps me with literally everything in English, I am very happy she is there to help me.'

'No-one has ever been as helpful as Mrs Moore before.'

'She helps me understand words when reading and explains them to me in a nice way. She is always there for me.'

'If Mrs Moore wasn’t here I would feel really frustrated and worried, I don’t think I would understand the work.'

'When Miss Chase is busy teaching the class Mrs Moore is always there to help me.'

'I like Mrs Moore as she is kind, helpful and always there when I need her.'

'When reading Mrs Moore helps me with book quizzes, normally I get most wrong so I’m now proud I can do it.'

'I would be really stuck on reading comprehensions if she wasn’t there.'

Year 6

Year 6

'Mrs Lowrie is fun to work with. If I don’t know a word she helps me and asks if I understand it.'

'I really like knowing she is there to help me, I’m definitely better because of her.'

'It makes me feel more confident with things we work on having Mrs Lowrie to help me. I have learnt to tell the time because of her and I like doing extra comprehensions with her.'

'She helps me to get better. My reading is loads better because of her.'

'Mrs Lowrie helps a lot and makes it more enjoyable.'

'When I read she helps me with the words and tells me what they mean so I understand more.'

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Cub

'I love breakfast club – the toast is always hot.'

'It’s nice to have some different food to toast, I like the waffles and pancakes.'

'The ladies are always smiley.'

'It’s nice to see children in other year groups.'

'I love jam on toast.'

'I like having a full tummy.'

'I like knowing I can have breakfast at school if Mummy doesn’t have time to get me any in the morning.'

Residential trips

Residential trips

Year 3 - Stibbington

'Stibbington was the best, I loved learning about the rocks.'

'I’ve never had a sleepover with my friends before, it was so much fun!'

'We got to choose spaghetti bolognese or cheesy pasta. I loved the food there.'

'At first I was worried about what would happen when we were there but then I loved it. It was my birthday the next day and everyone sang to me on the bus, I was sooooo happy.'

'If I hadn’t gone I would have been sad.'

'The best bits were being with my friends, unpacking, watching a film with hot chocolate and buying things from the shop – I wish I could go back.'

Year 4 - Grafham Water

'We did lads of amazing activities – I loved mountain biking.'

'I was excited abut the low ropes. I was nervous and very scared but really happy once I’d done it.'

'I loved the sailing boats, I’ve never done anything like that before but I’d love to do it again.'

'Archery was nerve wracking as I’ve never done it before.'

'The tents got messy and it stormed but we didn’t get wet!'

'Hot chocolate and marshmallows were yummy, and the biscuit.'

'Bushcraft was really fun, the orienteering was fun but tiring.'

Year 6 - Ferry Meadows

'It was really fun being away with my friends and spending time with them.'

'Good to get out of the house.'

'I really liked swimming in one pool all together and it was fun doing the water sports.'

'All the activities were fun; ice skating was really fun even though I’m not great at it.'

'The best bit was tent time with friends.'

'Food was really good, delicious and you got loads.'

'Both restaurants (Lakeside and Frankie and Benny’s) were really nice, I felt really grown up.'

'At one point I didn’t think I’d go as it was still quite a lot of money, but I’m really pleased I did!'